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2018! New Year

Got up extra early on New Year's Eve so that I could go to 8 am communion at Barnes because there wasn't a service at Chiswick.  When I got there discovered it was Matins!  Monica was there - I hadn't been expecting her but she had come back early - so we went for a lovely breakfast of porridge at Gail's after the service.  Did the ringing circuit and then came home and worked my way through the pile of stuff I had dumped in the living room the day before.  Everything had been found a place and put away by the time Mike came in from playing the organ at the convent.  I had also filed all the music away again - for a fresh start in 2018!  We were still working our way through the cheese at mealtimes.  I made a start on my own paperwork - which I wanted to clear before setting forth on Mary's probate.  There were a huge number of Christmas cards to open and log and lots of letters to scan in.

My new year's resolution is to keep an expense account for a year and I…