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Devon for Easter

When I arrived in Devon the sun was shining and the birds were singing - just like last time only warmer.  I went and sat on the terrace steps in the hot sunshine with a cup of tea and rang Mike for a chat - just as good as visiting really and less exhausting for me.  With the clocks going forward the evenings were now much lighter and I was able to take Suki out a bit later and still be in the daylight.  I drove to the tourist information car park and we walked to Parke from there.  It was a lovely evening.

Monday morning was beautiful - although rain was forecast for later - and we actually made it up on to the moor for the first time since last Autumn.  It was beautiful up there and we had a good long walk - from the small car park up on to Black Hill, with its lovely view over Manaton, then down to the tramway and back along it.

I went bellringing on Monday evening - well attended - and even went for a drink afterwards.  However the week was mainly spent in splendid solitude just …

A brief trip home

Clearing the drive had been a really good idea - the sun came out again the next morning and although it had little effect on the deep snow, it melted all the patches of ice on the drive and dried it up so that getting out later was not a problem.  I took Suki for another long walk in Parke from the house before setting off for London, via Jay's for lunch.

I got to Jay's house just after 1 pm - Suki dragged me through the garden and into the house, and then promptly peed on the carpet!  I don't know if it was the smell of cat or just excitement.  Jay produced a nice lunch of homemade soup, rolls, quiche and salad - and a cup of her nice strong coffee to finish.  Certainly helped break up the journey - and I didn't need to eat a single sweet.  Must be a record.

It was funny being in the house on my own - strangely quiet.  I made a lot of progress on admin and paperwork and I finished putting the Barnes QPs since the fire on Bell Board.  I went to see Mike on Wednesday a…

Devon - and more snow!

When I arrived in Devon from Stoke Mandeville it was positively springlike - the sun was shining and the birds were singing and it was just beautiful.  I forgot to unset the alarm when I went in, and was drawn to go out in to the back garden as it was so lovely and sunny - at which point the alarm went off!!

The following day I saw rain was forecast and got out early for a nice long walk in the plantation - the rain started at 10.30 and it hammered down all day resulting in lots of flooding and everywhere for walking is now a muddy boggy mess. I spent the rest of the afternoon doing the final paperwork on Mary's estate.  I was not impressed with the Tell Us Once service we were offered by the Registrar when registering Mary's death.  There was a council tax bill for Mary when I got here and when I phoned to query it they stated they had not received any notification.  When I telephoned HMRC to enquire what was happening with the income tax refund, they wouldn't tell me any…

NHS & Weather conspire against us

It looks as if I left Devon at the right time - there was a red weather warning the next day for severe snow and ice, due to Storm Emma coming up from the south.  I might have been snowed in there -  which I wouldn't have minded ordinarily but I needed to be back this time to take Mike in to hospital  on 28th for his pressure sore operation on 1 March.  The garden was covered in quite thick snow - and the pavements were very icy with thick hard packed snow on them.  It was all treacherous.

The snow started again about half an hour before we were due to set off, and I was getting very anxious about driving.  All the official advice was to stay in unless your journey was absolutely necessary.  People had been stuck on the A303 all night.  It was difficult getting out of London - Larden Road was slippery and had snow on it, as did the Uxbridge Road.  The A40 was a little better but the snow was beginning to build at the sides, and we were driving through blizzard conditions which mad…

Devon for Rovers

Roving Ringers Reunion this year (see separate post) was based at the Best Western hotel in Tiverton, with the Sunday ringing at towers in Exeter, so it made sense to go down to Bovey for a week either side of the weekend and for Lee and Emma to look after Suki.  I drove down with Suki on Wednesday 20th. The car was stuffed full of baby things for Lee and Emma - both from her friends in London and from Amanda out of our loft.  The big things from Amanda I put in the boot of Mike's car to bring at the weekend.

Peter had moved out the previous weekend and had left it very clean and tidy.  It was lovely to have the place to myself again.  The scanner, and fridge wine rack I had ordered from Amazon were waiting for me, and I was very pleased with both.  Each worked well in their own respective ways.

I rang a QP of Kent Minor with Tim and Nellie (one of his "improvers") - we had several starts and I  learned that the tenors and 3-4 ring the same lines - yet again picking up t…

Roving Ringers Reunion 2018


Mike turned up at midnight and we were able to have a good night's sleep as the first tower in the morning, Crediton, was only about 40 minutes away. There was a good turnout - unusual for the first tower - and Mike had a good ring.  I managed some Grandsire Cinques but declined any further ringing as my wrists were painful.  The lunchtime pub was very good - Mike and I both paced ourselves with a baguette rather than a proper meal.

Peter took Mike around for the rest of the afternoon while I went off to the station to pick up the two Helens (Mark's sister and Helen Taylor).  We drove round together for the rest of the afternoon although I didn't go up to ring anywhere.  Helen T did the navigating.

The hotel was very good and we had an enjoyable formal dinner with a nice wine.  Mike and I were part of the handbell band to ring three leads of Kent Royal in memory of those Rovers who had died in the year.  We rang some handbells after the meeting and then I went to…

A long spell in London

I spent the next two months in London!  It seemed a long time to be away from Bovey and I missed being there, but it was also good to get things done back at home.  I got completely up to date with admin and paperwork and also made progress on some of my "projects", in particular in putting all the Barnes Quarter Peals on to Bell Board.  I even finally got round to putting up the picture of the mosquito I had brought back from Devon, and straightening out the Spitfire picture (that's been waiting 9 years!).

I rather ditzily left my handbag in Bovey - at least I could confirm it was there with Peter.  So I had to manage without it for a couple of months.  The only thing I really missed was my Freedom Pass - I had to buy and Oyster card and pay for public transport!  Good for me because it made me walk more instead of jumping on the bus. It became quite liberating not having to carry a bag around - luckily my coat has big pockets!  I paid by credit card whenever possible (…